Welcome one and all to our site, This site has been here 8 years and is a place where players can have a personal place to play what ever they feel like (with in the BSR and AUP).  Below are some links to get a new user who is not familiar with this chat format started.

1. Registration - Here is the quickest link to get to the registration Page. Here is how to register

2. Logging In - Here are the directions to login to the site

3. Chat Options - This will allow the player to control how they wish to see the flow of how players get their messages once in the room click Here

4. Puppet Creation - Once registered, and your chat options have been done click here

5. Different Room Choices -Now that you have, registered, signed in and created your puppet, you  can now pick where you want to role play, WRC has plenty of rooms and ways of creating your own, Click here to see what you can do

Please enjoy your stay if you have any questions or how to's let me know. Email me, Lessien, at Whisper@whisperingrealmschat.net