Chat Options

Presented once at registration then during the subsequent entrances into the portal, options are a vital part for controlling how Whispering Realms Chat interacts with the user. The options themselves control the use of Javascript, chatting modes and even if images are shown.

Javascript Options:

Javascript is needed for Framed and Auto-Scrolling chat modes, but is also sprinkled lightly throughout the portals and chat systems in the use of popup windows. Popup windows are considered less intrusive then full sized popups that the non-java enabled chat will make use of and are actually recommended for daily use.If however you have no need for Javascript, or the scripts themselves cause your browser to crash or produce unknown errors. Then you can simply select no for this option and popup windows, framed and auto-scrolling chat will this become unavailable to the user.

The default option uses your last selected option.


Chat Preferences:

Chatting preferences affects the mode in which a user will be able to post and receive new posts. Different modes have a different look and feel as well as varying requirements in terms of selected options. As with Javascript Options, the Default option will bring forth your last selected option.


Basic chat is a single page, not using frames and can be used without any javascript, while javascript is used only if for the popup windows. The Communications Panel is always located at the bottom while the posts start from the top of the document. It is also important to note that posting a message will cause a new window to load up with new posts as well as your own.



Framed chat simplifies the chatting process by seperating the posting area and the posts into two seperate sections. This allows you to enter a message in the lower frame while seeing the new posts appear at the top.


Streaming is takes the analogy of Framed, but saves the user from having to refresh the screen in order to see new posts. This can be seen as a major advantage and due to the fact that Javascript is not required, this does ease the requirement for users. Currently, the only problem associated with the use of streaming is due to network connectivity. When your network lags you may have your stream cut, and this have to re-enter the realm or attempt a reload to get streaming up and running again.

A normal part of the operation of streaming is a cut after a period time. This can be based on the amount of posts received or time elapsed, but in both circumstances you will be presented with a Reload link at the bottom of the screen. When this happens, simply click on the link in order to continue where the user left off.



Auto-Scrolling is essentially streaming with the addition of a sidebar. This will allow the control of a Javascript Remote Control for which the posts window to scroll for you. As one can see this can be a major advantage for those who wish such functionality.

NOTE: Javascript is required for this mode as well. If this mode is lacking, then the user will be moved down to streaming.

Formatting options:

Whispering Realms Chat allows the selection of how posts are displayed to the user. This of course includes the ability to see images or not. The ability to remove special formatting is also possible, meaning that posts of large text size, unusual fonts and colours will be shown simply in plain form.

Full formatting:

The entire formatting that individual Puppeteers have placed into their Puppets is received. That is images (unless the supervisor deems them too large) titles and taglines, as well as the posts are released in the font styles selected by the Puppeteer.


No Images (Imageless):

Imageless is similar to full formatting except images are showing only in link form as images in full formation are shown when the images are too large. This can be useful if you do not wish to waste the bandwidth, or find the images deter from the chat/role-playing experience.


Basic Formatting (Spartan):

Spartan lacks any formatting in the posts (no change in text colour, added tags or size) as well as a images being displayed as links only. This is to serve those that wish just the posts and nothing else.