Signing onto Whispering Realms Chat

Player will need go open a login window, by either going to the main screen or going to Go to  Going to the portal page by passes news that might be important so most are encouraged to go to the main page, but it is not mandatory.


Fill in information as needed:

Login NamePassword

Click on 'Login' to enter the Portal

[Just like registration if you are returned to the login page, with red starts then your username or password was incorrect. If this happens please try again]


NOTE: Accounts are removed from Whispering Realms Chat, if you have not made use of them for over ninety (90) days. If this has happened you will not be able to enter the Portal without re-registering.


NOTE: If you do not wish to authenticate with Whispering Realms Chat one can choose to make use of Cookies to have the system know who you are. This can be activated through the portal but is not recommended for machines that multiple people can access. Cookies will last a month before becoming invalid so be warned that you have to reset them from time to time.


If anyone has any issues they will need to email Lessien from the email they used to register with, and ask her to reset your password if you have forgotten it.