Registration under Whispering Realms Chat makes only one assumption: That the person who is registering has a valid E-Mail address in which he/she can send a receive E-Mail from. This of course implies, that without a valid E-Mail address the Puppeteer will not be able to register and use the system. The process is also designed to gather basic information in order to allow someone to make use of the system. This includes useful things like prefer chatting modes and how you wish posts to appear when chatting. In addition to the retrieval of information the acceptance of the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is required in order to pass the initial stage of the registration process. This agreement outlines the rules and regulations behind the use of Whispering Realms Chat and is subject to change.


For a copy of the agreement please consult the following copy here.

We as well have a breakdown of what we expect and the BSR can be found here (we only have a few rules that we will have little to no tolerance on)


Registration is a fairly straight forward process. Simply follow the steps below in order to register with Whispering Realms Chat and make use of it's various services.

Below will be a list of options you can use before you go into the site.

Java Script - Click Use Java Script

Chatting - Most use streaming chat or auto-scrolling is up to user default is Basic Chat - Means you have to click on the post button for the page to refresh each time.

Formatting: This allows user to have choice of what they wish to see, if they are at work a lot they might want to put No Images or if on iphone same deal. Default is Full Formating.


Once you have figured out what you want. click on Register.


This will now bring you to the AUP Policy.


The Acceptable Use Policy discussed in the above section will be displayed. While you may not be forced to read the document, you will have to scroll past it in order to accept the policy. Acceptance effectively will bind you to the policy and allow you to continue to the next screen. Of course failure to accept will result in an incomplete registration.


Scroll through and then click on Accept to continue registration


Player will not be directed to go to their emails and pick the Reg code that was sent to each player.

Check your mail box for an email titled "Welcome to Whispering Realms Chat" sometimes players will need to check their junk mail

Within this message either click on the supplied URL or copy and paste it into your browsers location bar.

As specified by the email the confirmation URL may be cut into multiple parts. If this happens copy and paste the content between the double parentheses in order to complete registration.

Your browser will load up and if everything went as expected an 'Accepted' message will be displayed. If this did not occur try the copy and paste method or contact the Webmaster

You will also receive another Email that will server to confirm that you have in fact completed the registration process.


If anyone has any issues please email Lessien at or im her on any massagers lessienwrc