Picking what kind of room you wish to Role Play In


Role-playing and chatting are the main reasons why Whispering Realms Chat exists. The system itself allows the entrance to Realms and the selection of a Puppets through the use of the Portal. Which serves as a convenient entry point from which everything can be joined

Of course in order to chat you first need to have completed the following steps:


Once you have created your puppet and you wish to play, there are some options on how to go about doing that.

We have the choice of Public, Private, and hybrid rooms. The difference between them are as follows:

Public Realms

Private and Hybrid Realms

Listed Realms

If a room is listed this means the player must be added to a list to go into the room. 

Player will be able to see splash page to get contact information from it but if they try to hit enter, it will pop them back to the Realms List